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Tips on donating your "spring clean" items this record heat we have been having, I'm sure that, like me, it's made you want to do a little spring cleaning and get those warm weather clothes ready! Here are a few dos and don'ts for donating your items to a local Goodwill, Salvation Army or other charity like South Park Inn in Hartford.


  • wash, dry, fold and bag or box clothing
  • make sure appliances work safely and have all parts with them. be sure to clean out a toaster oven or microwave as well!
  • if you are donating toys, books, puzzles, etc, be sure that all pieces and pages are included and in tact.
  • double check if the place you are donating to accepts stuffed animals. if they do, make sure they are clean!
  • ask for a donation slip for tax deductability. The Salvation Army also has a helpful guide to help you value your donations for tax purposes.


  • give dirty, torn or ripped clothing
  • leave items outside the collection bin or site--if it rains, they will probably be ruined!
  • donate something that has been recalled, or is not safe. You don't want to be in danger, and you certainly don't want someone else to be!
  • donate broken toys or appliances with missing pieces
  • donate furniture that is broken or dangerous or unusable. If it can't be used, the organization needs to pay for its disposal and this eats into money that could be used for doing real good!

If you are donating furniture and need a pick up, many smaller organizations in Hartford do not have the resources to do this. If you (like me!) cannot find a friend with a large vehicle, you can call the Salvation Army at 1-800-SATRUCK and they will connect you to the Hartford dispatch office. Online scheduling is not available for our area yet!


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