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Tips on choosing an affordable ski vacation

With the beginning of the New Year, it's not too late for ski enthusiasts to hit the slopes and take advantage of great deals still being offered.

Steamboat springs ski resort, Colorado, USA
CarTick - Wikimedia Commons

Due to the harsh winter season and the rising cost of fuel, food and everything in between has resorted in fewer bookings for ski resorts. A number of ski resorts are offering some great last-minute winter ski packages hoping to reel in some extra profits before the end of the ski season.

Many resort areas are including some extra incentives to their ski packages such as room discounts and free nights stay. Resorts are also providing discounted passes that can save you a bundle of money. Click here for current discounted ski passes.

Still stuck on not knowing where to start? Here are a few suggestions to help you plan and find the most affordable rates for your ski trip.


Whether your ski trip is for a week or weekend, consider renting a condo or ski residence. You'll discover that a condo rental charges less than staying at a hotel. And if you're serious on saving some money, avoid the pricey ski lodges. Another benefit is that you'll have access to a kitchen, saving you more on meals. For a listing of affordable condos, click here.


Your best savings come during midweek, most often when airlines lower their air fares to resort vacation spots. Also consider; itineraries with connecting flights are often less expensive than nonstop flights. It all depends how fast you want to get your destination. Check with your local airline or their website for special fares.

If your heart is still set on a ski resort but you find it too overwhelming on choosing one, check out The site arranges and bundles everything together such as airfare and lodging providing you with the best possible deal.

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