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Tips on Choosing a Bathroom Mirror

Whether you are completely renovating your bathroom or just slightly updating the appearance of this room, a bathroom mirror can often have a huge impact on the overall space. This item is used to reflect light, both natural and artificial, and it most commonly found sitting over the vanity. A bathroom mirrors range from quite simple to much more intricate solutions, all depending on the style of your bathroom, as well as your entire home. With this in mind, here are some tips that can help choose the right one for your place.

Available Space

You should start by measuring the space you have available for your mirror, so just take a tape measure to obtain the required measurements on the wall where you plan tomount or hang your mirror. Bear in mind that mirrors in shops can often appear smaller than they actually are when you bring them into your bathroom.

When it comes to positioning the mirror, you should keep it some 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) from the ceiling. Also, the mirror shouldn’t be taller than the vanity, and you should also leave 2-5 cm(1-2 inches) of space on the wall on each side of the mirror.This article offers additional advice on choosing the right size of a bathroom mirror.


Depending on the size, shape and complexity, the prices of bathroom mirrors can considerably differ. For this reason, you should determine the budget before you hit the store to know how much money you can actually spend on your mirror, asthis can facilitate your choice. In case you are purchasingit just to update your bathroom space, you should definitely set a range or a specific amount that you won’t exceed.

However, if you are completely remodeling you bathroom, you’ll be best advised to cut corners in other places, as this will allow you to have a posh mirror that will definitely make a statement. You can accommodate the budget for your mirror by reducing the amount you plan to set aside for, say, lightingor paint.

Consistency with the Bathroom Decor.

Choosing the shape and style of the mirror that is fully in accordance with the rest of your bathroom décor will make your entire bathroom lookorganizedand uniform.A recent trend suggests selecting unframed, beveled and circular mirrors. This style usually works well in contemporary bathrooms that have neutral colors and polished steel or brass fixtures.

By the same token, you should use a metal or wood finish on your mirror and frame that coordinates with the elements thatare already in your bathroom. If some features in your bathroom are, say, of a deep cherry or light woodcolor, your mirror frame should match this. And in case you have wallpaper, a painted frame that matches its pattern is usually a good idea. Visit this page to see some fine examples of consistent bathroom designs.

Shopping Around

Checking out bathroom design showrooms, hardware stores, online bathroom mirror retailers and home and garden magazines can all help you find the proper mirror for your bathroom and save some money in the process. You should also look for product reviews, and talk to professionals and salespersons in stores.

Don’t forget to ask about warrantiesand return policies. If you purchase your mirror and bring it into your bathroom only to see that you actually hate it, or it breaks during installation, you will probably want the possibility of exchanging it for something else.

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