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Tips On Caring For Outdoor Cats In The Wintertime

Beautiful Black Cat
Beautiful Black Cat
Website; Photographer: Caroloszk

Yes, outdoor cats are resourceful. They basically know how to take care of themselves, with little to no help from humans. Yet, during the winter time, these outdoor cats will need extra help from their human friends to make it through the long winter months, especially during those spells of cold artic blasts and snow falls.

The first step is that humans should make sure that the cats have extra food to eat. Prey can be harder to find in the winter months. It can be harder to hunt during the winter time, as well. Outdoor cats need both dry and moist food, if one is able to provide it. They also need plenty of water to drink. Water is also hard for outdoor cats to find in the winter months because liquids will freeze easily. To help keep bowls of water from freezing quickly, one should try to use thick plastic bowls and this water should be changed often. One can also purchase solar heater water bowls to help keep water from freezing, too.

The second step is that humans should try to provide some sort of shelter for outside cats. This can include allowing them to stay in your sheds and garages. You can also build outdoor shelters for the cats. These shelters should include straw for the cats to lie on or pillow cases stuffed in packing peanuts. Both will allow the cats to burrow inside their new home. The bedding should also be routinely changed. Remember all cats need a clean place to sleep. Of course, the shelter should be dry and try to block as much as the elements as possible.

Finally, outdoor cats should be monitored as closely as you can. If you notice that they acting sick or refusing to eat, you may want to take them to your local vet or shelter. They may be getting sick.

For more information on how to take care of your outdoor cat or any outdoor stray cat, talk to your local animal shelter or vet.