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Tips on caring for a dog with a bloody nose

I wish that darn cat would keep his nails to himself!!!

We all suffer from a bloody nose now and then for one reason or another, even our dogs. When it comes to your pet, it can be a bit devastating because the animal cannot relate its problem and discomfort to you. A bloody nose on a dog can be quite messy, with blood getting everywhere. Whenever you have a bloody nose issue with your dog, contact your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home to get it cared for.

If your dog has a bloody nose, the blood will end up in the sinuses and throat, often causing congestion. This may cause sneezing and, well you guessed it, blood sprays all over to make the area look much worse than it is. A bloody nose on a dog is known as epistaxis and the most common cause is damaged vessels within the nasal membrane of the nose or the mucosa. Sometimes these vessels are very fragile capillaries and lead to bleeding disorders such as normal clotting factors.

Any dog can be affected by epistaxis; no particular breed is more susceptible than others. However, some dogs with longer noses like the Collie can be at a higher risk for conditions such as tumors of the nasal cavity that can lead to a bloody nose. It does not mean that it will happen but knowing the causes and at-home treatment will help you be more aware and prepared.

If your dog gets a bloody nose, try to remain calm so you can help your pet. Remember, it will look worse than it is most times. Frequently, a blood clot will form and the bleeding will stop on its own. Keep your pet calm, as you would yourself so, relaxed, the bleeding may stop. Begin by monitoring your dog for signs of faintness, dehydration and unusual breathing or heartbeat. Ensure your dog drinks plenty of fresh water in case he/she swallows blood. If you cannot stop the bleeding immediately, consult with your veterinarian so your pet can be evaluated and treated accordingly.

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