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Tips on branding your business

tips to brand your business
tips to brand your business

A company's brand is a combination of elements that tell a customer who and what they do. Successful brands like McDonald's tell a customer in a glance who they are. The logo is a basic branding element that, when recognized, alerts customers and clients to whom the business is, what they do, and even what they stand for. Trusted brands have built followings to become the revered businesses that are today. Businesses that are just starting out or that may be revisiting their branding strategies will naturally want to focus on their logo,signs, and what customers can tell about their business from those features. The following tips can help businesses effectively design and promote their brand.

Logo Design

Creating a unique logo is one of the most important steps in the branding process. This logo may adorn your sign but will certainly be attached to business cards, stationary, and possibly even merchandise. The logo as well as the business name is what customers are supposed to remember when they need the business's products or services. Once the design is in place, it's essential to use it whenever you are marketing and to remain consistent. Employ the same colors and font for instance.

Effective Signs

Business signs that employ the company's logo are excellent for supporting brand recognition in a tangible way. Signs can become community landmarks. As traffic passes the sign daily, it reinforces the company and its services repeatedly. A traditional yet timeless marketing tool, the effectively designed sign is a cornerstone of a business's branding platform.

Promoting the Brand

Today, businesses have to take their branding strategies to the digital arena to promote who they are and what they do. Developing a social media presence is most effective when it reinforces brand recognition among potential and current clientele. By posting regularly, businesses can remind people about the brand and possibly attract new customers through promotions, tutorials, or even videos. Many businesses have become savvy users of social media networks to increase their brand recognition and drive more traffic to their websites.

Beyond the Business Card

Inanimate objects like stationary and logo designs aren't the only ambassadors of your brand. Your staff members or employees also demonstrate something about your brand. Are they helpful? Are they highly skilled? Strong businesses know that their employees are part of their brand just as they are integral to running the business. Well trained and expertly managed staff can go a long way into building a quality brand name.

Avoid Pitfalls

When building a business brand, take care to put thought into the design. Changing elements of your logo midstream can disrupt the branding process. Also be sure to keep marketing campaigns positive and appealing for your customer base.

Branding is essential for a business to promote itself and its services. It should never be ignored but it should also be done carefully and with forethought. Consider these tips and employ them to strategically promote your brand locally and even globally too

Sita Cole is an experienced creative marketing manager and has gathered sources from to write this article. Feel free to connect with her over at Google+ to learn more about the author.

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