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Tips from the Guiness Book of World Records Marathon Runner: Parvenah

Imagine your typical week of training... for some it may be a few days of heated yoga, cardio, or weight training. For others it consists of 3-4 marathons each week. That is nothing out of the norm for Guiness record-holding marathoner Parvenah. This admirable woman athlete holds titles in Most Consecutive Marathons as well as Most Marathons in a year for a female. Her commitment to achieving her goal of running 1,000 marathons is right around the corner as she heads to Chicago in making this dream a reality.

As an avid runner, you may wonder how she deals with injuries and setbacks throughout the course of her training. Parvenah admits that just like any other athlete in training she faces obstacles. However, she does not let them hold her back from the competition. “I am used to running with all type of injuries, such as countless fractures on my feet, broken ribs, arm, hand, nose and pulled muscles here and there. This is just part of being an ultra-runner and ads more to the challenge. “

Like any elite athlete training for their sport it is important to remember the balance between training, nutrition, and sleep for an effective recovery both mentally and physically. She believes in an all-natural and organic approach to her marathon training, which is why she does not take any supplements pre or post race.

One last tip from a Guiness record-holding marathoner? The right socks! You can see Parvenah rocking a pair of Swiftwick socks on the trail, which
help her to stay cramp free during each and every 26.3 mile expedition.

However, is not just the socks or the shoes that she wears at least 100 miles before replacing them that do the trick. It is the mental endurance and focus that have lead Parvenah to how far she has come on her journey. She is a firm believer and testament to the saying “We can do anything in life if we set our minds to it”.

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