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Tips from Las Vegas' top wedding DJ

Choosing the right DJ for your wedding reception is one of the most important decisions a couple will face while planning their big day. There are so many song choices for the wedding party entrance to the last song of the evening and all of the special moments in between. Mike Fox & Company is a premier wedding DJ in Las Vegas and he shares his tips on having a stress free and memorable evening for both the wedding couple as well as the guests.

Trust The Professional DJ You Hired

Often times, the wedding couple will stress out creating a long must-play list or even a do-not-play list and while it is great to give the DJ an idea into your personal preferences, be sure to trust them with feeling out the crowd and playing songs that has the guests entertained and the dance floor packed. DJ Mike Fox has been a wedding DJ for over 15 years and he knows how to combine different genre’s of music together, seamlessly, to make the experience memorable for everyone at the event.

Find The Right Balance

While visiting Las Vegas one of the most exciting things to do is join the crowd at a raging nightclub. A lot of couples request this type of DJ for their wedding and want nothing to do with a “traditional” wedding DJ. One thing that DJ Mike Fox does so well, is combine the two styles effortlessly. He will provide the superior mixing style of a club DJ with a modern take on the wedding MC that is there is guide the evening, so there isn’t that awkward, “What Next” moment.

Selecting Your First Dance Song

DJ Mike Fox will provide you insight and guidance, while determining the mood for your wedding reception, but one thing he won’t do is choose the first song you dance to as a married couple. The first dance is an important part of the wedding day and he recommends choosing a song that was special to the couple when they first started dating. He suggests a song that takes you back to the first time you held hands or when you would sit in your car and just listen to the radio while talking for hours on end. And don’t forget the special dance between parent and child. Be sure to ask your mom and dad if there is a song that always reminds them of you and surprise them with it during their twirl around the dance floor.

Mike Fox & Company is the only DJ company in Las Vegas to be listed on the Bellagio, Wynn and Four Seasons preferred vendors list, so he is definitely a true professional. To learn more about Mike Fox & Company visit their website or give him a call at 702-239-1385.

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