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Tips for working out while on vacation!

While it may not be convenient or logistically possible to continue your regular training program while on vacation there are ways to maintain. Here are a few top tips for sticking to a training schedule while on Vacation:

Bring your running sneakers for an easy and convenient workout.
  • Plan in advance what days you plan to do what exact workout and at what time. Set an appointment with an agenda.
  • If early morning workouts are scheduled, lay out your clothes, sneakers, heart rate monitor and wake up snack the night before.
  • Get a little lost during your long cardio days. This is a favorite of mine. I love to explore new trails and often find I can run much longer than I though I could or planned.
  • Look online for training facilities near by. Many vacation destinations welcome visitors, offering daily, weekly and monthly passes. Expect it to cost you at least $20, but if you call ahead you may be able to get a deal. On Martha's Vineyard there are 3 gyms available, and Nantucket has one. Both welcome daily and weekly passes.
  • Check out the sites like Groupon and Buy With Me for the Cape and Island or Maine or Newport location (depending on you vacation) a few weeks leading up to it for deals on fitness facilities and classes.
  • Bring your special foods for training! Bring something small before a morning workout like a banana of G Series FIT Prime bar.

If you have internet access as well, you can always watch a video on YouTube. Here is a favorite workout video for vacations.


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