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Tips for using metallic paint at home

Metallic paint adds a touch of class to any room
Metallic paint adds a touch of class to any room

Metallic paint is an exciting product that can be used to refinish furniture, create the illusion of a larger space, or add an interesting finish to an otherwise plain wall. While many consumers love the way it looks in magazines and pictures, they may be a bit intimidated to try using metallic paint in their own homes, or know how it can be incorporated into their current decor scheme.

Beautiful metallic paint finish

If you're considering trying metallic paint for the first time, start small. It can be a bit tricky to apply and should never be used over an imperfect wall surface; it will show every little imperfection! Ralph Lauren makes a great metallic paint (check out their website and just look at that color selection!). Be sure to purchase their specialty paint roller because it makes applying the paint much easier. Also, be prepared to not like the look after one coat. Once you apply that second coat, though, you'll fall in love with it!

The following situations are ideal for the use of metallic paint.

Small rooms - Metallic paint is a great choice for small rooms, as it is light reflective and will help open up a small area and give the illusion of a larger space.

Fireplace mantels - Metallic paint looks best against neutrals and wood tones. A fireplace mantel is a terrific location to showcase a metallic painted finish.

Icy Décor - Icy décor is inspired by 'deeply meditative, calm and somewhat pensive moods', and will lend itself well to the use of metallic paint.

Accent walls - An accent wall will give any room a professional appearance. Paint one wall (the accent wall) with a metallic paint, and paint the others with a coordinating color.

Countertops - Give laminate countertops a fresh look with a coat of metallic paint. Be sure to prime the surface beforehand to help the paint adhere. (Metallic painted countertops will also make your kitchen appear larger)

Refinishing furniture - Turn an inexpensive flea market find into something special by refinishing it using metallic paint.

Create beautiful accent pieces - Use metallic paint to repaint picture frames, mirrors, step stools, plant pots, and much more. This is a quick and easy way to create a one-of-a-kind accent piece for your home.

For a finishing bit of inspiration, be sure to check out our slideshow of finished metallic paint projects. They are stunning!

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