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Tips for Type 2 Diabetes: It's hard work

Anyone who has type 2 diabetes can tell you that they must be constantly monitoring their blood sugar and what they eat. It can become very disheartening because not only are the foods we love off limits we have to learn how to eat in an entirely new way.

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Here are some types for sufferers of this chronic and serious disease.

Tip 1

Take your disease seriously. Left untreated type 2 diabetes can lead to serious consequences such heart disease, stroke, damage of the body organs and even death.

Tip 2

Be serious about changing your lifestyle by maintaing a proper diet, exercising, monitoring your blood sugar, taking your medication and so on. A doctor can only advise you on what you should do you have to do the rest.

Tip 3

If you find it too hard to do it on your own join a support group where other people battling type 2 diabetes can share their issues with you.

Tip 4

Talk to you family and get them on board. If you are not the cook make sure the person responsible for cooking or buying the groceries sees to it that they have the right foods on hand for you.

Tip 5

If you can’t resist sweets try not to have them in the house or if the rest of the family eat them, wherever possible ask them to eat them when you are not around.

Tip 6

For your sweet tooth try the diabetic products. You may not like it at first but you will learn to like it if you want to eat chocolate or cookies; or make your own diabetic recipes. There are many online sites that offer these recipes.

Tips 7

Even if you are serious about your exercise and dieting do not expect too much too soon. It most likely took you a long time to get to this point where you have type 2 diabetes and it will take awhile before the pounds melt away even with proper diet and exercise. The main thing is don’t give up.

Tip 8

Don’t neglect other issues. Many people who have type 2 diabetes also suffer from depression, stress and anxiety. Dr. Srikanthan maintains that stress will hinder the production of insulin which adds the body in maintaining a normal blood sugar.

Tip 9

If you have type 2 diabetes don’t expect the medications to do all the work for you. You will have do your share by exercising and eating properly. As with anything else there is no such thing as a magic pill that makes your problems go away.

Tip 10

Don’t miss taking your medications on time, playing around with medication will only cause your blood sugar to fluctuate. You need to take all your medication on time.

Tip 11

Don’t miss your meals thinking you will lower your blood sugar that way. People with type 2 Diabetes can go into a diabetic coma if their blood sugar goes to low.

Or missing meals will have little or no effect on your blood sugar level. You might even find your blood sugar was higher when you missed that important meal.

Tip 12

Journal your eating and exercising habits. You may not even notice that although you thought you cheated and ate just one or two candies you actually ate 10 that day. Having it all written down on paper helps us to understand the truth about what we are eating. People with type 2 diabetes may tend to minimize how much we actually eat this journal will point out the truth.

The journal will also help us to see our progress in eating better and in exercising. Take it from me I started walking on one corridor of my building in January and now I walk 60 of them every night.

I wish you success on your new health and happiness journey.

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