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Tips for trendy rain jackets and boots


Classic black + Trendy animal skin = Beautiful!!

Spring seems to have finally arrived! However, with spring come lots of rain and many of us are well aware of how the rain can hinder our fashion forward spring looks. Although, this season the rain may not be such a bad thing. There are a variety of trendy rain jackets and boots that are bound to turn heads this spring season.

Here are some quick tips for looking trendy during this rainy spring season.


Try long, sleek, trench style rain jackets. Not only will they keep dry but they will also keep you looking very fashionable. Don’t be afraid to wear the jacket in a bold color or print. Try safari or geometric prints on your trench jacket for a trend forward look. Just remember to let your bold jacket be the statement piece and stand out in the cloudy, rainy weather.


Rain boots now come in all colors, prints, and even designer labels. Be risky and make bold, fun choices when choosing your rain boots. You only get to wear them a few months out of the year so you want to choose something that is fun and exciting. Remember to choose rain boots that are sleek and slim, you don’t want something that is too bulky or oversized. So whether you choose a classic black, bright solid, or bold print have fun when choosing your rain boots this spring season.

Spring is a time for bright colors, florals, and fun, beautiful accessories. So even through this rainy season, don’t be afraid to make bold statements with rain jackets and boots and let your personal style shine through.


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