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Tips For Throwing School Parties with Class Philadelphia Style!

By Stu Leventhal (Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant)

So, you volunteered to be a room mother for your child and now you’re being asked to plan a class party! Do not worry; planning Classroom parties for kindergarten age children, elementary age kids and yes, even incorrigible high school teenagers can be a lot of fun. Plus, planning a school party is a great opportunity for you and the other parents involved to get to know the other kids in your children’s class and bond with their teachers and administrators. Successful school parties and events are a great way for parents, teachers, students and the whole community to come together in relaxed and less serious situations than formal educational meetings and budget debates. Really, everybody wins when a school pulls off a well-planned school event!


1. The biggest, most important tip I can give you is to always hire out the food and beverage responsibility. The ‘every child brings a dish’ idea is so out of fashion, unreliable and most importantly a health risk. You and your school do not want to be known as the hosts of the Valentine Day Dance Party that half the school children got food poisoning at. The investment in a professional catering service with school event throwing experience will save you tons of aggravation.

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2. Planning school events and classroom parties is not all fun and games. Specific things need to be done and that means your first agenda needs to be asking the students to volunteer to help and maybe even requesting that some parents get involved.

3. You can collect donations in the form of money or candy for the kids if the party is for children in the lower grades. Send home a note with the students asking for a few dollars or a bag of candy. Or if you are trying to reduce the sugar intake, collect small toys that can be given out in place of candy, such as pencils, erasers, rulers and other small educational items.

4. With large school events you can usually count on the neighborhood businesses to contribute especially if you promise to print out and distribute an event program thanking all the businesses that supported the school gala. In this way local companies get publicity and advertising and you get funds for the kids! But you have to organize the fund raising drive early and push the kids to get out there and start knocking on doors.

5. Pick an appropriate date for your event or celebration and reserve the correct size room early whether on campus or off.

6. If your party or event will be happening on school grounds make sure you tell all the departments that need to be informed and reserve their services and any equipment you need.

7. Plan activities and games to do during the classroom party or school event that center around your parties theme. Start by Finding out what your time frame is for the celebration or function and make sure you have enough things for the kids to do during that time. For example, ideas for a Halloween party could include having a Halloween costume contest. Depending on the age group making craft items, bobbing for apples, make popcorn hands (use clear gloves, add candy corn in each finger and fill with popcorn), large art projects are always appropriate and fun. And of course you can play games that involve team relays or guessing with prizes.

8. Take some of your collections for the party and buy supplies so the students can make their own decorations that match and enhance their party’s theme.

9. On the day of your school event, arrive early and have a quick meeting with all of your volunteers and chaperones. Pass out assignments. Conduct equipment and sound checks.

10. Try to be prepared for anything that may go wrong and have emergency plans and equipment on hand.

11. Most importantly, enjoy the time with your child and the other kids in their class. Relax, smile and have fun! Fun!...FUN!


Phone: 610-251-0265

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