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Tips for the Karate-Ka, part-1

Tips for the Karate-Ka of every level should keep in mind and re-integrate daily in their training on the Way.

• Observation.
First observe yourself doing the technique, then others doing the technique, then your own spirit and then the spirit of others before coming back in a full circle.
• Keep the joints flexed.
Keeping the joints flexed helps to protect them and also increases speed and power with proper technique and speed equals power. Locked joints decreases power and are easier to brake.
• Watch the Chest.
Keep your eyes on your opponent’s chest and not their eyes or limbs. Watching someone’s eyes makes it easier for you to fall for a feint and get distracted. Watching their chest increases your reaction time and overall situational picture, and makes it easier to connect with their center.
• Sink the elbow.
Keeping your elbow flexed and at a 45 degree angle down increases speed, power and accuracy. It also helps the unmovable arm techniques.
• 50/50
Keeping your weight distributed 50/50 on each leg is a good overall foundation building tool; it increases your balance, speed of techniques, footwork speed and center of gravity.
• “Spirit first, technique second”
Train in having a good spirit and attitude about life and training and technique will follow. It is better to have a good spirit and poor technique than a bad spirit with good technique because we are our own enemies.
• 110%
Whenever you train be deadly serious about it, put 110% of yourself into your training, train hard to fight for your life and never have to us it rather than fight and not have the training. Have fun always but put everything into training.
• Train daily.
Train moderately every day or a few times a day rather than super hard once a week. Just like boiling tea, it is better to keep the water warm than it is to keep boiling it.
• Self-preservation is key.
Always keep self-preservation on your mind, in technique and in everyday life bad decisions and bad technique is detrimental to your body and mind.

Keep checking back for Part-2! Osu!

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