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Tips for the carb-conscious Texan

Lo-carb meal - app. 4 net carbs
Lo-carb meal - app. 4 net carbs
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Living in the Panhandle of Texas can pose a real problem when watching your daily carbohydrate intake. Some of the tempting tastes of the Big Texan or Napoli’s Italian Restaurant may certainly be a welcome visit to the taste buds but, are not exactly user friendly to an Atkins or South Beach way of eating.

Diabetics are generally carb-conscious, as well. The American Diabetes Association recommends carb watching as a means of controlling blood sugar levels. The ADA guidelines and suggestions are good advice for any health conscious person.

The main thing to remember is: Know Your Good Carbs from your Bad Carbs. Most vegetables have few carbohydrates. So, choose a salad with a nice vinaigrette dressing. As a side dish you may want to consider broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, greens, cabbage, and green onions. Avoid white bread, white rice and potatoes, as they are very high in carbohydrates.

As for your entrée’, meats are generally carb-free. The only exceptions are processed meats or dishes where the meat is breaded or covered in a gravy or sauce. Most establishments will be willing to omit these items, if nicely requested.

Eggs are a very nice choice, as they only have ½ carb each. Cheese and heavy cream are virtually devoid of carbs and will add a rich flavor to a quiche or cup of coffee. I-Hop makes a wonderful Harvest Grain and Nut pancake. If you use sugar-free syrup, you will have a very tasty lo-carb breakfast.

As for desert, Braum’s makes a wonderful carb-conscious line of sweet treats. Fruit is also a good idea, just watch the amount. While natural sugars are better than processed, overindulgence can still occur. There is no reason to swear off favorite local food-spots. Balance is the key.

Knowing how to navigate the sea of West Texas treats is not impossible. There are numerous books and websites which offer helpful information on lo-carb ways of eating. Of course, a medical doctor should always be consulted before starting any new diet regime. For recipes and ideas, go to .  

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