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Tips for the Atlanta Job Fair Monday Feb. 1, 2010

Do you know how employers perceive you?
Do you know how employers perceive you?

Mark your Calendar

Plan to attend the job fair Monday, February 1, 2010 11:00AM to 2:00PM Holiday Inn – Decatur Conference Plaza. The address is 130 Clairemont Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030. If you need directions, call 404-371-0024.

Career fairs provide a great opportunity to make face to face connections. There will be 19 companies represented at this fair, so take a look at the list to familiarize your self with participants. Knowing something about the companies will help you speak intelligently to the recruiters. Be sure to take 30 copies of your resume. If you have personal business cards, be sure you have them on hand as well.


Company List

1. Advance Auto Parts
2. American Pool Service of Georgia
3. Ameriplan
4. Ameriwate
5. Career Directors International
6. DeVry University
8. Loews Atlanta Hotel
9. Miramonte Job Search Cycle Seminar – 10AM
10. PFP Services
11. Pre-Paid Legal
12. Ryla, Inc.
13. Sears Home Improvement
14. Spherion
15. The Local Pages
16. U.S. Remodelers, Inc.
17. University of Phoenix
18. Worldwide Concepts
19. Your Community PhoneBook

Be prepared to answer 5 common interview questions

What are your top three strengths and weaknesses?
Don’t get tripped up on discussing weaknesses. Your answer should reflect something you are aware of and developing. We all have areas for improvement. Self-awareness and proactive decisions to address weaknesses can turn negatives into positives.

Tell me about yourself.
It might be temping to talk about you children, your cat, your favorite food, but that is not helping your cause. Employers want to hear about your professional accomplishments, your education, your skills and experiences that can benefit them. Stay focused on benefits to the potential employer.
Why should we hire you?
You need to have your elevator pitch perfected! Summarize your top accomplishments that demonstrate the characteristics that make you a desirable candidate.

Why do you want to work for our company?
If you don’t have anything to say in response to this question, you will not likely make a positive impression. Employers want to hear that candidates know something about the company and have a desire to be a part of the organization. If you have not had a chance to do some research, be sure to pick up one of their brochures and read it before you speak to the recruiter.

Do you have any questions for us?
Be curious! Use the opportunity to get a better idea about the job responsibilities. You can also try to uncover problems or challenges this employer is facing. If you can uncover problems that you could effectively solve, you have just put yourself in a great position going forward. You might also inquire about the timeline for hiring and the next steps in the process. Another great question is to ask if the employer would have any concerns about hiring you. If they would have concerns, your job is to find out what they are. Is your resume positioning you wrong? Do you lack the skills they are seeking? Do you have trouble articulating your value? What is the issue? If you are not aware of how you are being perceived, you cannot address the problem. There is no such thing as bad information. All information you gain at these events can provide insights you can use to your advantage.

Attending job fairs is only one method of job search. Getting out and mixing with people is great practice and keeps you sharp and focused. You can use the opportunity to network, promote yourself, and get meaningful feedback. Don’t discount the value in testing your pitch, your positioning, and your resume. A job fair is a great opportunity to do that, so get going!  For mor tips on career management and job search, sign up for our free e-newsletter at



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