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Tips for summer vacation workplace recovery

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While summer vacation is a time of rest and relaxation, getting back to the work grind can be a huge challenge.

Traveling takes a certain toll on the body so jumping back into regular days can prove to be exhausting.

“Keeping those energy levels up throughout the day can be tough after a summer vacation,” said the spokesperson from Nutrilys Del Mar, a marine-based supplement company based in San Diego. “Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re sluggish or have a hard time concentrating because so many of us go through this.”

The spokesperson pointed out that there are certain dietary and lifestyle changes we can implement to give us a vitality boost in the right direction.

“On the supplement frontlines, the best one to add to your diet to help reduce fatigue is premium oyster powder because it is so high in zinc,” she said. “Be sure to find a high quality premium oyster powder which comes from the meat of the oyster and not the shell.”

Zinc from oysters is far higher than the percentages in red meat so it is sure to give takers a peppier step.

The spokesperson also conveyed other energy tips:

  • Breakfast: The most important meal of the day will help invigorate when the diet includes healthy fats, unrefined carbohydrates like whole grains, high fiber, and lean protein.
  • Light: Be it natural or artificial, a burst of light can help bring up those energy levels.
  • Workout: A low-intensity morning workout, such as walking will increase those energy levels
  • Water: nourishing the body with water is important
  • Break time: Don’t be held hostage to your desk and office – move around and go for a short, afternoon walk out in the sunlight when possible.
  • Lunch: Resist heavy lunches and instead eat light and sensibly – don’t forget to munch on healthy snacks throughout the day.

Let’s face it. Fatigue hinders our performance at the workplace. So, following these “back to work” tips can help make post-vacationers feel better and more focused.