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Tips for saving on cleaning supplies

Here are several tips for saving a lot of money on cleaning supplies on your next grocery trip. Use these same items for laundry, cooking, or pest control to name a few.

Whether you are trying to tighten your belt and save on your next grocery bill or are becoming part of the self reliance movement, everyone can use these great tips for saving and learning how to use these five items for many purposes.

Baking soda

Using baking soda is by far one of the best money saving tips. Baking soda is not only great for cooking but also can be used to unclog drains. To save with this tip just pour about a tablespoon into your drain and ad about a quarter cup of vinegar. Place a plug into the drain immediately as the foaming process will begin at once. Wait about 10 minutes and flush with warm water.

Baking soda is still very affordable and you can use it for so many things. Other than setting an open box in your refrigerator, try using some for underarm deodorizer. This general purpose cleaning supply can also be used to brush your teeth. For other uses of this inexpensive baking and cleaning supply visit this website.


When looking for tips for saving you money, adding vinegar to your next cleaning supply list will do the trick. Vinegar is one of the oldest window cleaning agents and is still very affordable. Don’t worry about the odor as the smell disappears after it dries.

Tips for saving on cleaning supplies that include multiple uses for the same ingredient are some of the best ways to becoming more frugal and sustainable. Vinegar can not only be used for cooking or on salad dressing but also for cleaning windows and mirrors. You can also use the newspaper you have lying around the house to complete this cleaning chore.

Other tips for this amazing multi-purpose household item are to clean counter tops to disinfect and pour down smelly drains. You can also use vinegar to remove odor from laundry. In addition to these many uses of this fantastic money saving household cleaner, try spraying vinegar around windows and doors to help keep pests out of your home.


Although bleach is a much harsher item for your cleaning supplies list, it does have multiple uses. In addition to using in laundry, you can dilute (one part bleach to five parts water) and spray on counter tops to disinfect from flu or cold viruses.

One of the best money saving tips for this common household cleaner is to use it for emergency water purification. You must be absolutely certain you are not placing too much bleach in the water you are attempting to treat.

Dish soap

Saving on your next grocery bill by purchasing inexpensive cleaning supplies will lead you toward a more frugal lifestyle. Any tips to get you there can be invaluable. For instance, dish soap can not only be used for washing dishes but also for cleaning your laundry. This is quite a savings because it is much cheaper than laundry soap and you do not use as much as you think.


Another multiple use item is newspaper. Although this is not a cleaning agent, there are many uses for it. Other than using to clean mirrors and windows, try placing in your shoes at night. Using this tip will save you money on antifungal spray for your shoes and feet because the newspaper absorbs the moisture that causes the fungus in the first place.

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