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Tips for Fun Road Trips with Kids

Pipe cleaner can provide hours of creative fun.
Pipe cleaner can provide hours of creative fun.
and a cup of tea

Are you planning a road trip with the family? Sometimes long hours in the car can be stressful and boring. Here are some creative ways to help make the miles fly by:

  • Pipe Cleaners: You don't need to spend $20 on Bendaroos. Instead, pick up a pack of colorful pipe cleaners from any craft store. The kids can twist them around into shapes, letters or anything else their imaginations come up with.
  • Play-doh soft packs: Kids love play-doh! The soft packs stay fresher longer and the bags are more travel friendly then the regular play-doh containers.
  • Glow Sticks: If you will be traveling during the night, the kids will have a blast with these.
  • Music: Let the kids pick the music for a chance. Kidz Bop releases new music every few months, with songs that the entire family can sing along to.
  • Games: The majority of kids games come in travel size. Stop by the toy store to pick out a couple of the families favorite games. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can still play the classics, like I-Spy, the Alphabet Game and 20 Questions.
  • Art: Don't leave home without the paper and markers. Most kids can spend a lot of time drawing, and while traveling they can draw all the new things they see. Mini white boards and small chalk boards are also easy to travel with and will provide hours of fun for the little ones.
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