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Tips for Public Speaking

The ability to speak and write well are so important

Public speaking is such an important skill, those who do it well recieve high praise and be the envy of your friends.

Putting a talk together is like a recipe. "Mix" the ingredients (subject, information). "Cream" in cretivity and "spread" the talk into the introduction, body, and summary/closing. Then "ice" the talk with the right mix of verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Try one or more of the following activities to strengthen these skills.

One activity that can help to perfect non-verbal messages is to practice facial expressions.

Enthusiasm using just your eyes
Anger using your hands
Shyness using your legs
Disgust using arms
Happiness using the whole body
Nervousness using your face

One common activity for improving speaking skills is to narrate common activities.

Take a pencil and paper and write down the steps to do something simple like making a peanut butter sandwhich, tieing shoes, or washing windows.

Step 1: Write down all of the materials that you would need to make a specific project.

Step 2: Write down each step including any special techniques needed to complete the task.

Step 3: Practice demonstrating the activity in front of a mirror or recording the activity with a camera so that you can see how you look while completing the activity.

Be creative

Creativity can often enhance your speech and make your audience sit up and pay attention. Using the right amount and blend of cretivity can get the audience hooked. Creativity can be a blend of speaking styles and delivery methods. You can practice building cretivity through particiption in the following activities.

Think about your topic - is there a colorful word that brings a mental picture of your topic to the listener or audience that would make a good topic. This may be a time to look to your resources for creative naming ideas, the title of a speech often comes well before you get into the room where the speech will occur.

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