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Tips for parents on summer tutoring

Summer is a great time to brush up on academic skills, taking up a course or participating in an enrichment program. Some students take this time to learn something new, whether enhancing their test-taking strategies or for some, student need to retake a course. Many tutoring programs and centers offer a variety of curriculum. Some offer a customized curriculum to meet the needs of the students and develop a program that have long-lasting impact on student learning.

For some parents, they maybe bombarded with choices or options to select the appropriate tutoring programs. It can certainly be overwhelming since there are plenty of services and your child may have several interests. Options such as one-on-one tutoring, in-home tutoring, group, or online services are prominent. For students, they have to know what they can best improve on or classes/courses to explore.

Here are some tips for parents when selecting the most appropriate type of tutoring programs for the summer:

1. Find out what your child/student needs the most attention. - Does your child need to improve on writing skills? Help with writing college applications? Does your child need to remediate a course? What areas did you feel your child struggled the most during school year or areas for improvement?

2. Check with your child's teacher or guidance counselor for feedback and suggestions. - Teachers and guidance counselors can offer the most solid recommendations and insights since they interact with your child throughout the school year. Ask what they think your child needs the most help and areas they feel they can best benefit.

3. Create a family summer plan. - Balance is the key during the summer. Taking advantage of the summer to brush up on academics is important, but so is spending time with family and doing productive activities. Spending quality time with family, like going on vacation, are usually a great opportunity to bond with others. So, plan ahead and have your family identify big (and fun) activities coming up while engaging in school-related activities, such as tutoring, summer camps, or enrichment programs.

4. Invest time researching best fit tutoring programs and services. - Are you open to online tutoring or just face-to-face learning? Does your child need a special-needs focused curriculum and instruction? Do you prefer customized tutoring options, where flexibility with time and location are important? Are you willing to pay for private, in-home tutoring? Are you looking for programs that provide you the materials? Ask families and friends if they know someone or a tutoring center that can provide you the support you need for your child. Ask for referrals if needed.

5. Check out "free" tutoring programs in your neighborhood. - Perhaps your local library or a community-based organizations offer tutoring and mentoring programs during the summer. Check out your local church groups as they also offer weekdays and/or weekend activities geared towards school activities and functions. Some summer camps combine physical activities and field trips with tutoring.

When it comes to tutoring or participating in academics-focused programs during the summer, parents can make an informed decision by learning what your child needs the most help. If it's skills development or specific course that your child needs support, rest assured there are definitely options available.

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