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Tips for organizing your vacation photos

Are you a vacation shutterbug? Find out how to keep those vacation snapshots organized and protected once you return home.
Are you a vacation shutterbug? Find out how to keep those vacation snapshots organized and protected once you return home.
Photo by Adam Berry

Are you a vacation shutter bug? Do you take hundreds of photos and look forward to spending time when you return home sorting through all of the images you captured during your vacation? Or are you the type that only takes memorable photos of the family in front of landmarks, monuments and other points of interest? No matter what type of vacation photographer you are, all of the photographs need to be organized upon returning home. This can be a scary task, especially if you are a vacation shutter bug.

First and foremost…do not procrastinate when it comes to printing and organizing your vacation photographs. This will only make you less enthusiastic about doing it. Organized photographs make for lifelong memories of your last vacation. Here are some tips to help you keep your photographs organized:

Before the trip

Purchase a separate flash drive that you will use just for vacation photographs. (Do not forget to purchase enough batteries to keep with you to help capture all of the vacation memories.)

During the trip

Take time every night to download all photos to the flash drive. Also, go through all of the photos from the day, deleting duplicates, unwanted and blurry pictures. If you do not download the photos nightly, take a photo of your room door or carpet as a marker in between days.

Keep a note pad in your camera bag. This is to take notes about what was done during each day to help organize the photographs later.

After the trip

Go through all of the photographs again. Delete any unwanted, blurry or duplicate photos missed during the trip. Use a photo editing program as you go along, correcting and cropping photos as desired.

Print the photos yourself using a high quality photo printer or take to a local photo printing service. Some printing services are also available online, which allow you to upload your photos and once printed they will be mailed directly to your home.

Label all images that you will be saving with a number or brief description. If saving photos digitally create a printed list with a more detailed description of the photo, including where it was taken, who is in it and when it was taken. Do not forget to do the same thing with printed photos by labeling them with important details about your vacation.

Create a special storage space for your vacation photos. You can either put them in a photo storage box or if you are creative enough, do some scrap booking. Make sure the photos are stored properly and safe from any possible damage including water.

Hope these tips help you keep your vacation memories organized.

Happy traveling!

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