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Tips for new Disney travelers

Enjoy time at your resort during your first visit to Disney World. As seen here, you could enjoy time taking a ride along the waterways surrounding Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside
Enjoy time at your resort during your first visit to Disney World. As seen here, you could enjoy time taking a ride along the waterways surrounding Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside
Heather Leigh

Planning a Walt Disney World is an exciting thing to do. Unless you are new to Disney vacations. Those who have never traveled to the Disney World have a lot to learn, many of which can only be understood once you arrive in the Central Florida area and begin your Disney getaway.

To help those planning their first ever Disney vacation, I have compiled some tips to help make the planning easier. These tips will help any new Disney vacation-goer get the most out of an upcoming magical getaway.


Make sure to plan out everything you want to do. Of course you do not have to have every minute of your vacation planned out in specific detail, but it is a good idea to have a list of what you want to do. Things to make plans for include dining reservations and which parks you will visit on what day. Knowing this, will help you outline your trip and make it easier to fill in the blanks once you have arrived at your resort.

Plan to spend the day in the park offering Extra Magic Hours. This will help you get more time in the park, so you will be able to see more on your wish list.

Travel dates

Talk to a Disney travel agent and find out which dates will offer you the best deals available. Sometimes simply delaying your vacation a couple of weeks, could save you hundreds of dollars for hotels, airfare and tickets at the parks and resorts.


Make as many reservations as possible before you leave. You will be able to make Advance Dining reservations for table service meals 180 days prior to your arrival. Do not forget to make your Disney FastPass+ reservations so you can rise your favorite attractions without having to wait in the long lines.

Waiting to make these reservations after your arrival could result in not being able to get the times you want. If you are able to get a reservation at all.

Weather conditions

Understand that the Central Florida area experiences afternoon showers during most of the spring and summer. Stronger storms arrive later in the summer, lasting longer, but still pass relatively fast.

Temperatures in the summer can reach the high 90’s, which could make the theme parks a bit unbearable. Instead of spending all day at the parks, consider packing everyone up and heading back to your resort for the afternoon. This will offer you time to relax in your air conditioned room, get some lunch and be able to enjoy the pool area at your resort.

As fall and winter arrive, temperatures do get a little bit cooler. Most of the time, temperatures will be warm during the day and cooler at night, so make sure to bring a light jacket to wear while enjoying the parks in the evening. The coldest months of the year are generally January and February, so be prepared to bundle up on a day or two.

To have a better understanding of what the weather will be like when you arrive at Disney World, check the area’s 10-day forecast. This will help you determine what to pack and what the weather conditions should be like during your vacation.


Purchase necessities, such as sunscreen and personal hygiene products prior to leaving. These items are available at the theme parks and resorts, however, they are at theme park prices. Save the money and pick them up before leaving. If you will have a car with you during your Disney stay, make plans to go off property to a local convenience store and pick up these items, which will be considerably less than buying them on Disney property.

Dress appropriately

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes when visiting Disney World. Lightweight clothing will be cooler and will dry faster if you choose to enjoy a water attraction while at the theme parks. You will be doing a lot of walking around, so make sure the shoes you wear are comfortable. If you plan to buy a new pair of shoes, do it several weeks before leaving and wear them around the house to break them in before leaving.


Let Disney preserve the memories for you by taking full advantage of PhotoPass. The new Memory Maker package allows you to put all of your photos taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers and on attractions in one single purchase price. Then you can download all of your photos once you return home.

Get help

The final piece of advice I can offer you is to not plan your first Disney vacation alone. Even the most seasoned Disney travelers use a Disney specialist to help with their vacation planning. Contact a travel agent that is a certified Disney specialist to help make your Disney vacation a dream come true. These specialists know what they are doing, know the ins and outs of Disney and area able to offer advice you may not have discovered on your own.

Hopefully these tips will help you plan your first Disney vacation.

Happy vacationing!

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