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Tips for meeting total strangers

No matter who you are or what kind of lifestyle you lead, approaching someone you are attracted to can not only be difficult but also a panic inducing endeavour. Worries about rejection, saying the right thing and even awkwardness can seem like insurmountable obstacles as you try and break in to the dating world. Fortunately, there are some very basic tips that can help you as you try and meet people for the first time.

The most important thing you need to remember as you try and meet potential romantic connections is to be yourself. This requires learning how to be comfortable in your own skin and having the confidence to present yourself, foibles and all, to the world. It sounds cliché, but you want to meet people who will like you for who you really are, so simply be yourself.

Next, do not forget to be genuine, or to be more specific, leave your pick-up lines at home. The only time the use of pick-up lines is acceptable is if you are going out to bars and clubs and that is only because alcohol makes them sound just a little bit less stupid than they actually are. Instead of trying to be smooth while using the perfect line, you could simply do what everyone else does and say, ‘Hi, my name is…’

Finally, through all of the apprehension and panic you feel when trying to meet people for the first time, try to keep in mind that the only thing to fear is fear itself (and spiders). Everyone, literally everyone, is afraid of rejection. It is okay if someone is not in to you romantically and you should by no means let your self esteem be dictated by someone’s desire to date you or not.

When it comes to trying to break through the initial barriers of trying to meet people for the first time, keep the above tips in mind. Remember that you are trying to interact with other human beings so be respectful and treat people the way you would like to be treated.

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