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Tips for locating a lost pet in Baltimore

Your local animal shelter is a great resource for finding a lost pet.
Your local animal shelter is a great resource for finding a lost pet.
Julie M. Barber/SXC

While having to make a lost pet flyer is never a good thing, being able to make one fast when you need one is a very good thing. To make a flyer, you will need a clear digital photo of your pet or access to a scanner so you can scan in a printed photo and some basic information about your pet. You can make a flyer using your word processing software or you can use a lost pet flyer maker. Cecil County SPCA has a link to an online flyer maker that people can use. It takes just a few minutes to generate the flyer.

If you lose a pet in Baltimore, you'll also want to visit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter website to fill out a lost pet form and read some tips about locating lost pets and how to avoid losing pets.

One essential tip from BARC to keep in mind - Write your name and phone number on your dog's collar so that if tags fall off, someone who finds your pup can still get a hold of you to share the good news. 

Your next stop should be the local classifieds. Sometimes people who find a pet scan the classifieds and think that, because there is no lost dog ad, the owners don't want their beloved pet back. Craigslist also has a lost and found section for the Baltimore area.

Finally, call your local veterinary hospitals. If someone finds an injured dog or decides to adopt your lost pet when he or she finds it, you'll want the vets  to know who to call.