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Tips for launching a successful creative agency from OGK Creative Agency

The OGK team
The OGK team
Courtesy of TheOGK and Atlantic Avenue Magazine

TheOGK. a creative agency specializing in brand development and brand management was started three years ago by three entrepreneurs in Delray Beach, Florida who embraced the changing digital world and economy with a bold vision and positive expectations for the future.

In this article, the two current owners of OGK CREATIVE, Craig Kuperman and Chris Occhipinti share tips for launching a successful creative agency.

1.Select a professional work location for your headquarters.Both agency owners agreed that the atmosphere in an office is different than in a living room.Chris explained how when there's an office you have to get dressed to come to work, at least a little more clothing is required that when you are at home.

2. Find a location you love .Launching a business means that you will be spending lots of time there.

3. Control your overhead costs. OGK CREATIVE's owners determined that by joining forces and taking one office space, they would be in business and operating more efficiently that if they maintained three individual businesses in three different locations.

.4. Add permanent , full-time employees slowly, but seek out other professionals for freelance and collaborative work immediately.

5. Develop a clear agency brand .OGK CREATIVE has their black ,embossed logo designed into their office wallpaper as well as their business cards.

6.Hire only people who fit the work culture you want to be part of. Craig and Chris explained that they have learned from their business experience that education and experience are not the only factors to use in hiring decisions. .

7. Be selective when adding new clients. Craig Kuperman is the parter who is responsible for the business development side of OGK CREATIVE. He shared his philosophy," I came up with term"Creationships" to describe how we create relationships with our potential clients."

Craig continued," We develop relationships with our potential clients as a foundation for our business success. We let respect, trust, and confidence build over time. Not everyone who ultimately hires you is ready to do business with you the moment you meet., We create and build these relationships and people hire us when they are ready."

8. Take time to understand your clients and their needs, We go through a process to learn about our clients and what they need. With a client base that has grown steady since opening OGK CREATIVE, the creative agency has expanded more office space to serve as the location for their brainstorming "Think Tank." The OGK CREATIVE team uses these "Think Tank" sessions to develop brand development and brand management strategies for each client. .

9 Choose a business location that will offer room for expansion. .Be optimistic about the future you are creating.

10.Be honest with clients about your creative experience.B flexible and welcome opportunities for new creative challenges and projects. By letting clients know if they have not done a specific type of creative work before and that if hired they will get it done has helped OGK CREATIVE grow..

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