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Tips for keeping your pets healthy during Thanksgiving

Tips for keeping your pet healthy during Thanksgiving
Tips for keeping your pet healthy during Thanksgiving
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Most holidays, including Thanksgiving, are times when people feel they can overeat and get away with eating the wrong kinds of foods as well. Why? Well, because it’s a holiday after all, and that’s what holidays are for, right? Wrong.

Commitment to eating right should be just that – a commitment to staying healthy, no matter what holiday or celebratory event is going on in your life. People can control what they choose to eat. Animals, on the other hand, cannot.

Many of our pets thrive on the scraps they receive from the dinner table, and that especially holds true for holidays when there may be more than just you or your family sitting at the table. Guests, especially children, will often feed your pets from the table during holiday meal get togethers.

Pet health is extremely important always, but watch out for what your pet eats more-so during holidays, including Thanksgiving.

Feeding your pet stuffing and turkey isn't such a good idea. Over-indulging your pet in these kinds of foods can often lead your cat or dog to getting sick.

Dr. Tim Johnston, staff veterinarian for Broward County Animal Care and Adoption shared with the Sun Sentinel that foods such as stuffing and turkey can make your pet sick with abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or vomiting – and in some cases can cause death.

Dr. Johnston offers these tips for keeping your pet healthy on Thanksgiving:

  • Don't feed your pet any part of the turkey or gravy — it can cause pancreatitis.
  • Don’t feed your pet Turkey bones as they can splinter and cause intestinal damage.
  • Don’t feed your pet eggnog, for it is too rich for dogs and cats and can cause diarrhea.
  • Don’t feed your pet any kind of alcohol. This can put your pet into a coma or cause death.

Make this a safe and healthy Thanksgiving for yourself and your family – and that includes your pets.

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