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Tips for keeping the romance in your marriage

Tips for keeping the romance alive in your marriage

One of the biggest marriage killers is busyness. A lot of couples today are so busy that they forget to make time for each other. So, we would like to give some tips on keeping the romance alive in your marriage.

Keep in mind that this will not be an exhaustive list but just some things to spark your imagination and get things going on a romantic level. Also, remember that everyone is different so it is important that you find out what makes your spouse feel special.Maybe you could even go over this list together and add or subtract things as needed,

Remember also that keeping romance alive doesn't necessarily need to be expensive. Sometimes the things that mean the most are things that come from the heart, not necessarily the wallet. So here is the list:

1. Make sure you have date nights, schedule them into your calendar like you would with any other appointment. Also know that this doesn't always have to mean an expensive date and finding a sitter, etc. if your kids go to bed early you could spend some romantic time together after they're in bed for the night.

2. Give an unexpected gift for no other reason than to show your love. Again this doesn't have to be expensive. Maybe even try giving something different than what you usually give. For example, if you always give roses, try a different flower, or maybe something else entirely.

3. Give a longer hug and kiss on your way out the door in the morning.

4. Never withhold your love. Make sure to let your spouse know many times throughout the day how much you love them.

5. Give appreciation for the things your spouse does. Always say Thank you even if they're doing something that's considered "their job".

6. Write them some little love notes and hide them in different places so that they don't find them all at once. For example, in a pants or skirt pocket, in a briefcase or purse, near their razor, etc,

7. If you have a fireplace, snuggle and chat near the fire with some cocoa, coffee, or tea.

8. Go for walks together and hold hands while walking and talking.

9. Go to your favorite restaurant.

10. Do a puzzle together, then possibly glue it and hang it up on a wall.

11. Play a board game together.

12. Play a song that is special to you as a couple and dance together to it. Also, you could listen to that same song in the daytime alone if you get a chance just to remind you of how special your spouse and your marriage are to you.

13. Do active activities together. Such as roller skating, biking, bowling, playing tennis, playing at a park together, jogging, etc.

14. Remember to laugh together, play together and have fun together.

Also remember that for most men their primary need is for physical intimacy. So here are a few extra things for the Ladies to do.

1. Wear his favorite perfume and something you know he likes to see you wear.

2. Don't withhold intimacy. Don't use his primary need as a weapon. For example, if you don't do this_____________you're not getting any of this___________.

3. Let him know that he is attractive to you. With your words, looks, and physical touches.

4. Whisper enticing words of things to come in his ear. Don't let any other woman be the one to seduce your man, make sure You are the one to seduce your man.

Hopefully this list at least got you thinking of some possibilities. If you take the time to nurture and grow your marriage, you will have a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime.

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