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Tips for keeping healthy in the extreme cold of 2014

Here are some tips for keeping healthy in this extreme weather

Keeping health in extreme cold
Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

1. Exercise for at least 5 minutes every morning to ensure good blood circulation

2. Take a hot shower everyday ending it with a few seconds of cold water burst

3. Use a back scrubber daily to massage your back to relax the back muscles

4. Do some warm up exercises before going out to shovel snow
5. Wear a hat and scarf and gloves when shoveling snow

6. Before going to bed do a few stretches.

7. Keep a bottle of Vicks chest rub or store brand version near and use as necessary.

8. Remember that the more blankets you use the warmer it will be.

9. Not all blankets are equal. The one made from wool are the warmest.

10. Not all duvets keep you warm. Some actually produce no heat at all but enhance the cold.

11. Eat hot cereals for breakfast adding milk and honey (eat wild harvested honey. It is available at Trader Joe’s. It comes straight from the forests of India with no human intervention. That is the truly organic honey. The ones from bee farmers claim to be organic. However to be really organic, honey has to be naturally produced without human intervention).

12. Eat hot lunches and dinners as much as possible. Avoid cold food.

13. Drink warm/hot water avoid cold drinks. While the cold drinks and foods do not give you the flu or other sicknesses, they make you use up more bodily resources than normal to warm up your body reducing what is available to fight germs, viruses and bacteria. That is how cold foods and drinks make you susceptible.

Remember to watch the attached video for some winter fun.

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