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Tips for going green at work

There are a lot of ways of going green at home with recycling, water conservation, using environmentally friendly cleaning products, but what about where we spend most of the day - at work?

Here are a few tips to help a person to be a good green citizen at work:

  1. If you are leaving your office for a period of time, turn off the lights.
  2. Use a ceramic or glass coffee mug instead of Styrofoam or paper. The disposable cups stay around in landfills for up to nine generations
  3. Use the double-sided option when printing and copying.
  4. Avoid using rubber bands. They are made from crude oil and are synthetic. Use and reuse paper clips and binder clips instead.
  5. Use the standby setting on printers when not in use to conserve energy.

Just paying attention to these few suggestions can do a lot to conserve limited resources and reduce waste.