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Tips for getting your child to stop sucking their thumb

If your child likes to suck their thumb, this might be something that you want to put a stop to before they get too old. It can be a bit harder than stopping the pacifier or bottle since you can't just take it away or throw it out. Try these tips to help you get your child to stop sucking their thumb.

Nail Biting Polish

You can use the nail polish that is used to help keep people from biting their fingernails. This tastes gross and they might not like it in their mouth. It will keep them from putting their fingers in their mouth. This doesn't work for some kids. My daughter would just deal with it long enough to suck it all off. You can also try something like hot sauce or even mustard if they don't like the taste of it.


Make deal with your child that you will reward them for not sucking their thumb. You can offer things such as a sticker or small piece of candy. You can also go bigger with this and tell them if they don't suck their thumb for a week you will take them somewhere small like to get ice cream. If they don't suck it for a month, you will take them to the zoo or an amusement park. Kids love these things and will try to keep from sucking their thumb to get to go.

Lovies or Stuffed Animals

This is the one that worked for my daughter. She had a bunny that was like a lovey or blanket to her. She carried it everywhere and would hold it up to her face when she sucked her thumb. Getting rid of this toy is what actually helped us to get her to stop sucking her thumb. She connected the two in her mind and as soon as the bunny went to her face she sucked her thumb. Many children have blankets or toys like this and it could help to get them to use a different one when they sleep. It worked for me so try it with your child.

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