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Tips for getting over Writer's Block

What do you do when writer's block hits?
What do you do when writer's block hits?

Every blogger has been there. Every author has been there, too. No matter what your age or what genre you classify your writing as, there will be (if not already) a day when nothing comes to mind. It is every writers dreadful nightmare and it goes a little something like this:

blink........blink......blink.......blink (that's the cursor talking to you)

Shut up darn it.


Would you stop already, I know what I am going to say.

At least I know what I want to say.


What the heck is going on with my cursor?

Just tormenting me with its blinky blinkity blink.

Leave me alone.

What? What's that you're telling me?

I need to write? Well, what in the world do you think I am trying to do here? Stop tormenting me. Stop talking to me.



Ok, I can not be the only writer in the world who has war with the blank page and their cursor. Blink. I am going to just keep blinking at you until you write something. Easy enough to get it to stop blinking, right? So, then why am I having such a hard time of it lately? Usually I am so full of words. But not lately. What happened to me? Writers block? Why? Is writers block for real or merely a figment of our imagination? I know it's not because I don't have anything going on in life to write about. I got tons of stuff I could be writing about. Easy enough then. But, why can't I find my words? It is my words that are lost.

I am sending out S.W.A.T. (cue music.....duh na na.........nanananana)

Ok, maybe you did not have a conversation with your computer as I did when faced with a blanks screen, but what can you do when the words just do not want to flow?

One of the things I have learned over the years is to just get up and walk away. Sometimes you spend too much time staring at the same piece and you just need to take a break from it. It is always good to let your mind rest and reset itself.

If you are staring at a blank screen, talk a walk. Grab a pen, bring a notebook, and just walk. Take notes about what you see. Jot down all the ideas that start to formulate in your mind. Many times all it takes is a simple thought to get the creative juices flowing.

Carry a notebook or handheld device with you at all times. Every time an idea crosses your mind, write it down. Stockpile these for when you need them. When writers block hits pull these out to get your mind unblocked.

Websites such as Writing World and Writing Hood offer many tips and ideas for writers. When I start to get discouraged and need a little pick-me up I head on over to one of these websites for some insight. Writing World has a writer's block section and the articles have been detrimental in solving writers block. Writing Hood offers many tips and articles on how to be a better writer.

If none of these methods help you out, try looking at art. I find that going to websites like Deviantart or Pinterest where artists can upload their creations, will quickly get out of a funk. For the last couple of years I have been using Pinterest as a huge source of inspiration. You can make board for scene settings, people settings, story lines, and other random things that you think would help establish some starting points for your writing.

Don't let writers block get you down. It is a common occurrence and it is unavoidable. Make the most of a block. Enjoying a nice dose of sunshine it usually just what I need to get the words flowing.

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