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Tips for getting a quick increase on your assistant salary

It comes a time when one needs a pay rise, especially in these hard times. Many employees find it hard to ask for an increase in their salary, especially when one holds an assistant position in a company. In spite of the importance of bargaining well for ones pay hike mainly in a harsh economic situation, individuals tend to avoid discussing with their bosses fully on the rise on the income they earn particularly if it is an assistant salary. This leaves one with rhetoric questions on whether they would have negotiated and got an increase.

Most workers get shocked on realizing that even after getting employed as assistants they can discuss on their earnings. Same as other jobs, the great chance of pay hike may come by and thus the best time to negotiate one’s salary. However, here are some tips that may help one in consulting on the salary increments.

Collect more information on what similar workers in your position earn.
It is important for one should take the task of finding out what competitors pay to their employees in the same position. This helps much in comparing the amount of salary earned with that of others in different companies. It enables one to have a clear overview of what percentage to bargain for and therefore gaining more courage to face the concerned department.

Perfect timing

One should probably have a good timing on when to have the salary negotiation as the work place is always busy. This is because the one to talk with about the increment may have a tight schedule thus not getting enough time to give attention to ones case. This can be achieved through booking a convenient moment in accordance with the work cycle in the business facility.

Negotiating with the right person

In most cases, employees seeking for an increase in their pay opt to consult with people that do not have the authority over any pay. They end up disappointed as their grievances are not met. Most organizations have got decision makers who have to give consent on any raising issue involving the business. This is the right individual one should negotiate with in order to attain positive results and not the Human Resource manager who just passes on the rise appeal up the ladder where often the request may be lost.

Having a good pay rise reason

The presented business case on the salary increment should have logical support to prove that one’s case is reasonable. One should not exaggerate on the amount to be raised. The percentage increase should be compared to effectiveness in the tasks one performs.

Act in a professional way

Asking for a pay hike, especially if it is an assistant salary should be in a professional mode. One’s tone when negotiating for a pay may determine the future of the person at work, whether with a new employer or the current one. This helps much in retaining the job position as the employer may be pleased with the manner one approached the issue and may actually decide to give the pay rise

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