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Tips for Fall weddings

choose a location inspired by the fall harvest.  a barn or a field would be a great place for a rustic wedding.
choose a location inspired by the fall harvest. a barn or a field would be a great place for a rustic wedding.
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Fall is probably the most temperate time of year here in the bay area, making it a great choice for your wedding date. Fall symbolizes the end of a season, renewal, growth, harvest and change. You can use this theme to create a beautiful, season appropriate, and timelessly elegant wedding theme.

Fall weddings
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Here are a few ideas on how best to incorporate the fall season into your wedding theme.

  • Pick a location for your photos or ceremony that is especially beautiful in fall. A few ideas: outside of a field with a crop ready to be harvested. A wheat field that has just been harvested- pictures next to big sheafs of wheat would make gorgeous backdrops. An apple orchard, or other fruit or nut thats in season. A vineyard. A field full of flowers in bloom. A forest full of changing leaves.
  • Use the colors of changing leaves to dress your bridesmaids. Warm shades of red, yellow, orange with hints of green and brown.
  • Make a "harvest" bouquet- use strands of ripe wheat, fallen oak leaves, and even vegetables in with traditional flowers.
  • wear a fall garland in your hair- try braided wheat, grape vines, and colored leaves.
  • Ask your guests to dress in fall colors
  • Think of the way a leaf will change colors in fall. It doesnt go from solid green to solid red and so on.. it blends in different areas, and will have different shades of all the stages of decomposition present. Use this warm yet muted blend of colors as your inspiration. Use this "fallen leaf" look on your invitations, shoes or sash.
  • Ask your wedding cake designer to make sugar or chocolate leaves, acorns or sunflowers to cover your cake.
  • pick a dress that has a golden tint rather than a diamond white or eggshell color. Gold will match the warm colors of fall better than a white dress with a blue tint.
  • Have your makeup artist use fall colors as your pallette inspiration. Have golden cheeks instead of pink, and use warm red lips.
  • as a party favor, leave bulbs suitable for fall planting wrapped in paper wrappers. Trim with ribbon.


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