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Tips for Drinking More Water in 2014

I’m sure everyone’s heard the advice to "drink 8 glasses of water per day" to keep skin fresh, glowing and smooth.

Drinking more H20 in 2 Oh Forteen
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If you dig deeper, though, it seems that this beauty/health recommendation doesn’t hold any water in the scientific community. It’s even being called “a myth.”

Dr. Oz did an experiment where he found 2 twins and made them each eat identically for one week, with the exception that one twin drank "plenty" of water, and the other drank NO water.

Researchers first measured the moisture, elasticity and oiliness of each girl's skin, and then again after a week. From Oprah's site:

"Dr. Oz says whether the twins drank water or not made no difference to their skin. The main reason for this, he says, is that food has water in it. "We get a lot of water already without having to go and get extra water," he says. "Now assuming you're not dehydrated—and neither of these sisters were—you won't have that problem."

Read more:

Okay, pal, REAL scientific experiment - what is "plenty of water"?? 8 glasses? A liter?

I say, see for yourself. One of the twins said drinking water “made a difference in her skin.” And if SHE saw a difference in her skin, who's to argue? I mean, SHE is the one looking at it in the mirror everyday!

Let’s face it, this test lasted for only ONE week. And although there’s no scientific evidence to support "drinking 8" EITHER WAY, by all means if upping your water intake makes you feel good, go for it.

The body is made of mostly water. The The USGS Water Science School website reports that according to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

Keeping water replenished in your system is bound to make you FEEL better. And THAT translate into looking better as well.

Of course, constipation, dark yellow urine, fatigue, muscle spasms and dizziness are all signs of dehydration and you need to RUN, don’t walk to the water fountain.

Other Water Benefits

It helps you maintain regularityCameron Diaz was recently on the Dr. Oz. show, demonstrating her water chugging skills. Then, she talked about how doing this helps her poop. (She got a High 5 from Dr. Oz for saying it, too.)

Water Promotes Weight Loss – If consumed before a meal, it fills up your belly and some say it raises your metabolism and reduces hunger.

Water Flushes Out Toxins – You’re less likely to get a UTI if you drink plenty of water. Water also reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Water's Got a Great PR Person - Even the First Lady (according to the Washington Times) chimes in about upping water intake:

“If we all do this, if we all drink up, we’ll all feel better,” Mrs. Obama continued. “We’ll all have more energy, we will have more focused students, we will have more productive workplaces and we will have vibrant neighborhoods and a healthier country. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.”

Water is a naturally, healthier alternative to sugary drinks like sports drinks and soda, which are both high in sugar and bad for your teeth.

If you want to up your water intake for the New Year, but think water is BLAND, here are a few tips:

Filter It Out

A simple carbon filter faucet-mount filter can help remove impurities. Not sure which one to get? Here's guide to buying water filters from the Environmental Working Group.

InFuse it

Add a slice of lemon (skip the sugar), a cucumber, or fresh herbs to jazz up the flavor. (Cucumber water is the bomb!)

Chugg it Like Diaz

Just go for it "college style" and CHUG it. Make it a daily habit like Cameron Diaz shared on Dr. Oz to chug a LARGE bottle of water daily. She says she brushes her teeth first. (I THINK she also fills up the bottle before bedtime so it's handy there in the bathroom - which is a great tip.)

Add a Dash of Bubbly

Adding a bit of sparkling water to regular water can help satisfy cravings for something carbonated and help add variety.

Make It Green

You don't have to stick with plain drab water on a daily basis. Dropping in a green tea bag (I like the ones WITHOUT the staples) can add in some anti-oxidants as well!

Grab a Drinking Partner

The best way to get into good habits is to share your goals with a friend. This goes for exercise and quitting smoking too! Have them put you "in check" the next time you order a soda at a restaurant. Rely on each other, because everybody gets by with a little help from a friend.

Just remember to steer clear of bottles with the chemical BPA, or Bisphenol A, as the chemical can leach into the contents of the drink and cause possible hormone disruption. It seems that heat (such as leaving the bottle in a car) and harsh detergents/hot water (placing bottles on the lower level of the dishwasher or using a commercial dishwasher) increase the amount of "leaching." The majority of bottles w/ #7 on the bottom contain BPA.

Hurray For Hydration!

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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