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Tips for Dachshund mamas and some precious photos

Dachshunds make incredible mothers. Just from observation, I've watched how our mama Doxie Dora has not only mothered her three babies, but when we found abandoned kittens, she took them under her paw and groomed them and snuggled with them—and even now that they are all bigger than her, she still plays the mama.

Dora with Charlie, Seal and Nerpel.
Dora with Charlie, Seal and Nerpel.
Mike Szymanski, Studio City Community Activism Examiner
Donovan with our three puppies
Mike Szymanski, Studio City Community Activism Examiner

Dachshunds are known to mother kittens (see the story about Jojo the Dachshund and her kittens: and of course, there's the Dachshund named Tink who mothers the piglet named Pink (see:, and there's the story of the Dachshund and the lion (BoneDigger and Milo (See the story of the "Pink Puppy" in a book here.

So, for this Mother's Day time period, we'll look at some special advice for Dachshunds that are having puppies.

* First of all, be aware that a Dachshund pregnancy is not always as easy as any other dog (see: Because of the small size, and the long body, it's not always easy for a Doxie Mom to give birth. Check with your vet if there are problems.

* Mother Doxie nipples get large only after two weeks of pregnancy. That's an early stage for getting an exam by a veterinarian. The vet should be able to feel the puppies already and blood tests can also be a quick confirmation of the pregnancy.

* A Doxie's pregnancy lasts between 63 and 65 days. At the sixth week, there are specialized foods for pregnant dogs, more quality foods with high nutritional value. The doge will eat ab out double the food she normally eats.

* Some Dachshunds don't gain a lot of weight until late in their pregnancies, and some Dachshunds are born prematurely.

* Sometimes the pregnant Dachshund will stop eating about a day before the impending birth. She may be licking herself and have some cramping. She may open her water sac and the delivery is at hand.

* Our Dachshund had trouble getting her puppies out. The first one came early, and it was more than 12 hours before the others had to be induced. If the mother seems to be straining with contractions coming every minute, and she's not giving birth, then call the vet after an hour.

* With Dachshies, the number of puppies or the size of them can cause problems with the the uterus and the mother will fail in giving birth. She will stop contractions. That could be dangerous to the mother and the pups.

* Mother Dachshunds may have digestive problems by eating too much of her placenta. It's not necessary, despite her natural instincts.

* If the Mama ignores the babies at first, clean them with a towel gently and that helps them breathe.

* Keep puppies with their mothers at least eight weeks. It's the law in some states, and it's good for the puppies, and the mother.

* Feed the puppies soft food when their teeth start coming in at four or five weeks, even if they are still feeding with their mother. The mother starts getting bitten and the puppies are voraciously hungry and sometimes the mother lacks enough milk to feed.

* Check into worm medication and micro-chipping at seven weeks old.

* Dogs can be licensed and get their secondary shots for health at eight weeks.

Enjoy your Dachshunds, and enjoy the Slideshow of mama Dachshunds above. Happy Mother's Day!

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