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Tips for coping with a cancer diagnosis

Cancer. Undoubtedly, a word no one wants to hear. But, the reality is, most people will deal with cancer at some point, either through a loved one’s diagnosis or their own. Cancer is a terrible and scary diagnosis, but arming yourself with knowledge and a great support system will help prepare you for the battle ahead.

Rely on experience. Cancer has been around a long time, over the years people facing cancer have come together to create incredible support groups. They take place in person, online or in some cases by telephone. Get connected to others who are in your place or have been there in the past. Lean on them for support and knowledge. Even the small pieces of information such as what foods help give you energy after treatment can have a big impact on your well being.  Click here to find a support group in Charlotte.

Knowledge is power. Learn the words associated with your type of cancer. Researching cancer and medical terms can help you understand what is going on at all times. Sometimes medical personnel have a hard time using everyday words, so learn their lingo you won’t need a translator. Follow this link to the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Glossary of Cancer Terms.

Call in the troops. Family and friends are a life support in this situation – as long as you allow them to be. Most people will jump at the chance to help. Don’t be afraid to let people know what is happening and that you may need to call on them at some point.  One great way for people to help is preparing dinners for you and your family during treatment time.

Look here for more information on practically implementing these tools for dealing with the cancer diagnosis.


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