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Tips for controlling wintertime allergies

Wintertime allergies can be relieved with the right supplements and household tips.
Wintertime allergies can be relieved with the right supplements and household tips.

While the cold outdoor temperatures send us indoors, there is a likelihood that many may start to feel as if they are catching a cold. In no time at all, they’ll realize it may not be a seasonal cold, but rather, a wintertime allergy attack which feels like a cold.

“Much of our country right now is huddled indoors shielding themselves from the freezing temperatures,” said a spokesperson from Nutrilys Del Mar, a marine supplement company based in San Diego. “Indoor elements which spur allergies can range from animal dander, dust mites, mold, and also cockroaches who hideaway very well.”

There is a rule of thumb to determine a cold versus allergy.

If that sneezing, coughing from the throat, watery eyes, headaches, and post nasal drip last for more than 8 to 10 days, chances are, it’s an allergy.

Here are some quick tips for wintertime allergy relief:

  1. Begin building up the immune system and increase energy with Alkylglycerols, a natural marine supplement known to help with allergy relief and help fight off seasonal illness.
  2. Rich in zinc, natural Premium Oyster Powder helps boost immunity while fighting off fatigue which many get during an allergy episode.
  3. If unsure, have a professional inspect for mold inside the home and perform a treatment if found.
  4. If unsure, have a pest control company search for cockroaches and perform a treatment if found.
  5. Keep one room in your home, preferably the bedroom animal-free, where a HEPA air filter can be placed.
  6. Keep indoor humidity at around 50 percent or even lower to help decrease and stop the proliferation of dust mites

“This time of year, it’s important to stay hydrated and rest up when we can to build up our immunity,” said the spokesperson.

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