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Tips for Cleaning and Protecting the Flooring

If you want to do the cleaning and protection things of the flooring by yourself, you have to know that the flooring with wood natural character cannot touch too much water.To solve the problem, you need to learn some skills

Cleaning the flooring is not an easy thing.If you want to clean the flooring by yourself, you should know that the flooring with wood natural character cannot touch too much water. As it is easy to swell and transform after absorbing the water. You can use the cloth with little water to scrub and protect the flooring. What’s more, you have to make it clear that what kind of material your flooring belongs to, as different floorings have different cleaning and protection ways.

Consolidated composite flooring

For this kind of flooring, you do not need any special protection ways. You can solve it by scrub with little moister. It has a layer of wear resisting substance called aluminium oxide on the surface of theconsolidated composite flooring, which can protect the flooring from abrading. It will break the surface effect if you do some extra effort such as polishing and waxing.

Solid wood material flooring

Such as solid wood flooring, three layering solid wood composite flooring, you have to distinguish between paint process and natural oil process first. Then choose the protection agent. For this kind of flooring, it much more complicated to clean and protect. You may ask the company for door to door service. As to the deep protection, you had better ask the professionals to do it for you.

For the stubborn stains

For the qualified consolidated composite flooring, the stubborn stains can be removed by the moister cloth. As the surface is wear resisting. For the solid wood flooring, it has some difficulty to handle it. For if you break the paint surface or woody frame, you need protection agent or restoration agent to restore the wound.

Handle the shelling and falling off problem

For the shelling and falling off problem, you should distinguish the cause between man -made and quality problem. If the flooring with large area or long time touches the water, it will lead to shelling. You should scrub the water as soon as possible and decrease the indoor humidity. The flooring may has some extent restoring. If caused by external force, you could use the special restoring agent to restore it. If these problems occur in your regular usage, you had better get in touch with the manufacture.

The right cleaning and protection products

For thewood material flooring with paint surface, you should choose the protection agent with paint ingredients. For the wood material flooring with natural oil surface, you should choose the protection agent with plant oil. The best choice is to choose the cleaning and protection agent offered by the same manufactures. At present, there are lots of illegal manufactures trying home selling or phone selling their products by using the flooring manufactures’brand. You should check it with the flooring manufactures before trusting them.

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