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Tips for Choosing Light for Your Home

Exquisite light is popular for diversified shape and color. It has different decoration effect for different interior design style. Designers also have light as a main decoration point in interior design. As the wide range of light on the market, what should customers pay attention to when shopping light and how to choose light becomes the focus for many people. Here are the details:

Notes people should pay attention to when choose light

Safety comes first

As light has close relationship to electric, safety is the thing we should pay attention to when choose light.

Shopping light according to different needs

All the room in our home needs to install light – living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, and balcony. But different area has different lighting requirement. Therefore we should choose lighting according to the actual needs of different room.

Room size decide the lighting size

For harmonious consideration, the size of light should be consistent with the room size. If you install chandelier in a small room with low storey height, people will feel the room is crowded and the chandelier do not match with its environment.

How to choose light?

Generally, chandelier or ceiling lamp is installed in the central location of ceiling in a room as general lighting and choose wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp according to personal needs as auxiliary lamp for local lighting or auxiliary lighting. The function of general lighting and local lighting is relative concept. Local lighting can replace general lighting under certain condition. For example, large size chandelier and multi-layer lighting do not suit to be used in room with small area and storey height lower than 2.5m. Well-designed wall lamp is enough for general lighting and decoration effect. You can use table lamp with semitransparent lampshade when you study in night.

The rule of lighting layout for different people

As the difference of career, age and personal preference, the lighting layout also varied. We should choose the right lighting style according to the actual situation.

The lighting needs for different career

Headworker like quiet environment for they often read, think, and study information. They need diversified lighting layout to satisfy their different needs. Table lamp is good to work; floor lamp is good to read; bedside lamp is used to read newspapers and periodicals on bed.

Lighting needs for different age

People in different age have different lighting needs.

Senior: as the living habit of senior is simple, the color and style of lighting for senior should be elegant and graceful. The general lighting can use palace lantern shaped chandelier or ceiling lamp. Low light intensity lamp can be installed at bedside for the need of answer God’s call in night.

Middle-age people: middle-age people are the dominator for family and elite on career, the color and style of lighting should be concise. The lighting layout is better to be personalized and elegant. Table lamp and floor is the necessity for study and work.

Young people: creative, special and colorful are the feature of lighting layout for young people. The general lighting should be unique in design and have bright color. Romantic and warm atmosphere is the lighting effect auxiliarylighting should create.

Children: the lighting for kids should lay stress on stimulating their imagination and good to intelligence development. On one side, the shape and color of lighting should be interesting, on the other side, it should be good to their healthy growth. Concise and simple design is the base requirement for general lighting. The auxiliary lighting on the desk should be bright. Cartoon shape or animal shape table lamp is best choice. Safety is another factor parents should consider when shopping and installing kid’s room light.

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