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Tips for Buying Cigar Online

El rey del mundo cigars
El rey del mundo cigars
El rey del mundo cigars

Buying cigars are very easy these days owing to the emergence of online cigar stores. One can even contact the cigar merchant directly to get all queries answered before placing an order.

Cigar lovers can place orders right from the comforts of their home. This has been made possible due to the emergence of several online cigar stores across the internet. All these stores deliver the order right at the buyer’s doorstep and some of them even ship the orders for free! So one can simply log into a cigar store and pick up any box of much-loved smokes instantly. Even then there is an element of uncertainty attached to this method; it debars the buyer from a touch-and-feel experience which used to be a key element in tobacco shops earlier.

Despite the fact that most such online stores offer telephonic advice and offer tips, even then one must consider a few points before placing an online cigar order.

  • The very first point to make a note of being the country of origin of the cigar. Various growing regions offer a range of tobacco leaves that are subtle and have a variety of flavors. This is mainly due to the soils that these plants grow on and the amount of rainfall that they receive. Climate, heat and several other factors also have a role to play. Still, people who are fans of tobaccos grown in Nicaragua, must stick to brands that clearly specify the name of this region in their product. This is because allegedly Nicaragua produces more robust cigars that deliver a spicy flavor. If the buyer is a fan of this spicy aftertaste, they must go for products that have it. Other varieties such as Dominican cigars are supposedly mild and smooth. On the other hand, Honduran tobacco blends are an intermediate product line that comes with a well balanced spicy after feel that is not too strong on the senses. The El Rey Del Mundo cigars are a unique range of premium cigars that have a combination of Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, Honduran binders.
  • The next important point to consider is the tobacco wrapper. Most cigars like the Davidoff stogies have a signature taste exclusively because of the wrapper that they are packed in. Enthusiasts have time and again rated Connecticut and Sumatra wrappers to be creamier and with a waxy feel. The flavors that these give out are easy. On the other hand the very popular Maduros deliver a unique richness which is why they make the cigars bold.
  • Several online stores offer cigar ratings on their products. So a buyer can check the ratings attached to a blend that they go for. Those looking for premium brands need not worry too much for these brands by default get good ratings in the range of 90 or more from loyal enthusiasts. But buyers who want a specific brand or type of blend must particularly stress a little on the quality reviews. They can also check out smaller brand smokes that have received ratings of 90 or more. Most exceptional cigars draw a rating of 93 or sometimes even more.

The best way to figure out a bund of various brands is to order for a cigar sampler pack of one’s taste. One can safely and securely buy authentic cigars despite the element of risk attached. In case the buyer is too perturbed, they can contact the cigar merchant directly and get all doubts cleared before placing an order.