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Tips for Buying a Car

1. In order to make a claim under Missouri Lemon Law, new vehicle owners must report problems or defects in writing to the manufacturer.
2. If a vehicle’s title is not properly transferred to the new owner at the time of purchase, the sale is void.
3. Before buying a used car, have a mechanic inspect it for any problems or defects.
4. Under Missouri law, a seller must get a car inspected before selling it.
5. Before purchasing a car, make sure you search the title. You can check it online at or
6. There is no Missouri law allowing a buyer to return a used car within a set time and expect any kind of refund. Before you buy a used car, ask if the dealer has a return policy.
7. Contact the Missouri Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-392-8222 to check if a car dealer has had any complaints against it.
8. Look at the car in the daylight so that any damages will be easier to spot.
9. Test drive it.
10. Get a signed copy of any warranty.
11. Pay by credit card if possible. You have a better chance of having your money refunded if you have been misled or defrauded.

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