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Tips for building converting landing pages for your web marketing campaigns

Call to Action Button Examples
Call to Action Button Examples
Matt Graham / Designmoo

The landing page is the most critical element of your main website. Likewise, a stand-alone landing page makes or breaks your bid for a successful web marketing campaign. The fact that the landing page is the webpage that your site visitor is navigated to for a desired action in your product or service campaign makes it imperative that site owners or their web designers build an appealing and effective landing page. The landing page may be likened to the reception area of a hotel. Its overall appeal will significantly affect prospective visitors’ decision to check in or find a better one.

The landing page receives traffic for your online marketing promotion and for your prospect leads to opt-in or click your call-for-action, the page should be crafted well enough to interest them in what you have to offer. The following techniques should facilitate building a better landing page for your product:

  • Provide a clear landing page headline with the purpose of the page spelled out in a headline that spans the top portion of the webpage.
  • Ensure that your action block is well-defined and draws the eye of the site visitor only to a single location on the page. The standard technique is to visually lure the webpage visitors to your desired action through subtle background color and heavier text. The rest of the page needs to be visually restrained and plain.
  • Include a sub-headline in the action block and clearly state the purpose of the action desired and what will happen if the action is made.
  • The call-to-action must be clear and specific, never generic. Thus, the message in the call-to-action should be worded from the viewpoint of the visitor. For example, instead of instructing the visitor to “Click the button to opt in to our company newsletter for more information and get a free sample”, the call-to-action should indicate “I want to receive a free sample and the newsletter”.
  • Use web marketing tools to evaluate the visual focus of the landing page. There are applications which reports on how the elements of the landing page draw attention during the first few moments of viewing the page.

You can use some of the following posts detailing examples of great landing page designs as a basis to building your own:

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