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Tips for bringing color into the home

Color and pattern add personality to this family room.
Color and pattern add personality to this family room. via Flickr

Color is one design element that can do a lot for a space. It brightens a room, adds a dose of personality, and creates drama or a sense of calm. Often though knowing how best to incorporate color into a room is allusive. Here are a few tips to help bring color out of hiding and into the home.

1) A bold curtain instantly enlivens a room with a flat palette. Dark reds, warm oranges or vibrant greens stand out against a neutral wall for a dramatic effect. Bring a calming feel to a room with muted colors like grayish blues, soft pinks or subtle yellows.

2) Paint a bath vanity and dress up the bathroom. Leaving it ivory, white or beige is boring. Just be sure to use a color that mixes well with the other colors in the room.

3) Use a complementary color chosen from the opposite side of the color wheel directly across from the main colors in the scheme. Visually they always pair well.

4) Consider the Jewel Box effect, use a bold color or dramatic pattern in a small space for maximum impact. This trick is fabulous in a powder room or entryway.

5) Avoid an all-neutral palette, as it can be dull. Bring in a little splash of color with curtains and pillows. Start with a color and pattern you love and build from there.

6) Layer shades of a single color for more interest. Using a range of shades from dark to light and mixing in a complimentary color only makes the varied shades stand out.

7) Buy quality paint when opting for a bold or unusual color. It will feel more luxurious and stand up over time. Lesser quality paint tends to fade.

8) Look to Mother Nature for color inspiration. No one pairs colors better.

9) Consider painted finishes. Furniture with great silhouettes and interesting lines are perfect candidates for painted finishes. Draw color inspiration from the textiles in the room and make sure the surfaces are smooth.

10) Do not be afraid to go all in with a splash of color and pattern. Pick a color scheme and build on it. Keep the patterns and shades of color within the selected scheme to keep it uniform and easy on the eyes. Mix in one unexpected color for added interest.

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