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Tips for book lovers with limited space

Read all the books you want without taking up too much space.

Many book lovers wouldn't mind having their home completely covered in stacks of books. Unfortunately, this isn't always practical. Instead, some are forced to work with limited space. In this article, you'll learn tips on how to store books without taking up too much space.

Visit the library

The most obvious tip for book lovers with limited space is to use your local library. That way you can read as much as you want without taking up any of your limited space. Many libraries now offer the ability to download books to your ereader, which leads to another great tip.

Download ebooks

Ereaders are one of the best options for readers with limited space. An ereader will allow you to store literally thousands of books. Imagine having such a huge library and it taking up less space than a composition notebook. If you don't have the money for an ereader, download one of the programs from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or one of the many other bookstores that offers ebooks. The programs are free to download and can be used on your tablet, laptop, or even your smartphone.

Purchase paperbacks

Another great tip for book lovers is to buy paperbacks. Paperbacks are much easier to store in a limited space. Hardbacks can take up a lot of space, preventing you from storing as many books on your bookshelves. Paperbacks are also less expensive, which means you can buy even more.

Listen to audio books

A tip that many readers never think of is to buy audio books. Audio books that are in mp3 format are perfect, but even audio books on CDs will take up very little space. Another great tip is to purchase an mp3 player that has a large hard drive. You can also purchase a FM transmitter that will allow you to hook your mp3 player up in your car. That way you can listen to all your favorite books on the way to work.

Use smarter storage solutions

One last tip is to purchase storage that serves more than one purpose. For example, readers who collect cookbooks can purchase benches for their kitchen table that have storage. Another great storage option is window seats. Imagine reading all your favorite books while having a beautiful view and even more books right underneath you.

With these tips, even book lovers with extremely limited space can enjoy a vast amount of books.

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