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Tips for beautiful white teeth


Dentists recommend:Brush twice daily for at least two minutes.

Imagine a night out on the town with some of your best friends. You’re having a blast, dancing, talking, and laughing. A friend pulls out a camera and asks your group to huddle together for a picture. All your friends are beaming into the camera, but you suddenly feel uncomfortable. Instead of smiling brightly you keep your mouth closed and make a sad attempt at a smile.

Have you ever been so self-conscious about your teeth that you've attempted to hide them behind your hand whenever something is funny? Well there's no need to hide! Here are some tips and tricks to get healthy, strong, and even whiter teeth without spending a fortune on professional whitening!

Teeth become dingy by the foods we eat and what we drink. Dark colored drinks including coffee, soda, teas, and red wine will stain the teeth enamel, making it difficult to remove just using toothpaste alone. Instead of completely avoiding these delicious drinks, which can sometimes be very difficult, it is recommended to brush immediately after eating/drinking. This will help to remove the food and/or drink debris before it has time to stain. Since toothbrushes are generally not readily available in restaurants, pack a tiny travel size toothbrush and toothpaste to use quickly in the bathroom after a meal.

If you don’t feel comfortable brushing in public, another fantastic way to promote excellent oral health is by chewing gum. This is a quick alternative to brushing your teeth. The gum cleans teeth as you chew and stimulates saliva production, which has decay-fighting enzymes. Sugar free gum is the best alternative of course. There is a fantastic product out currently called Trident Xtra Care. This gum contains Recaldent, which is a milk-derived formula that actually re-mineralizes the enamel on your teeth, leading to healthier, stronger teeth!
One of the best ways to brighten dull teeth is by investing in a good quality whitening toothpaste. While products like Colgate, Rembrandt, and Crest claim to be “whitening toothpastes” this is a bit deceiving. The way these products work is they just remove the plaque and stains left from food you’ve eaten that day, therefore leaving you with your original tooth color. They do not actually make your teeth any whiter than they were originally. Now, don’t fret! There is an excellent affordable alternative product called SuperSmile. This product actually strips away the top layer of your teeth removing hard to get rid of stains like tobacco, eventually revealing a gorgeous white smile (Crest Whitestrips work in this same manner, but are required to be worn for several minutes during the day, whereas Supersmile is a toothpaste)! However, Supersmile is only available online or by phone. It sells for approximately $13-$21 a tube. Click here to find more information on SuperSmile and how to purchase.
By keeping up a regular oral hygienic routine you can help your teeth become stronger, whiter, and prevent decay. Some other tips and recommendations in promoting excellent oral heath include flossing regularly (try floss picks for on-the-go), replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months, brushing your tongue (or use a tongue scraper, which is more effective), and rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash (ACT is excellent option, because it helps restore soft spots of enamel and fights bacteria). All of these tips, when combined, can help to give you healthy teeth!

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Did you know that by gargling with apple cider vinegar before brushing helps to clean teeth, remove stains, kill bacteria, and whiten teeth? You can also try brushing with baking soda once a week, which has the same benefits!


  • JOshua 5 years ago

    Here is information on a lawyer suing P&G claiming Crest Pro-Health stained his teeth?

  • Meghan 5 years ago

    Wow, very interesting article Joshua, thank you! It's sad how companies don't have to list certain information on their bottles ("the FDA does not require a warning label because the stains are not considered harmful."). Clearly you can see the company is only interested in sales. How sad.

  • rosie dias 5 years ago

    I love green tea. I just wrote my article on teeth too. I couldn't believe all the healthy foods that could be eroding my teeth. Great writing.

  • Susan 5 years ago

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