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Tips for BART commuters to be mindful of parking and drop-off signs

BART pickup and dropoff area
BART pickup and dropoff area
Darrin Atkins

Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days. If you commute with friends or family, you know all about how stressful travel can be when you are busy with your commute.

Did you know there are rules and laws in place when it comes to dropping off or picking up passengers at BART train stations? Of course everyone seems to know this but not everyone seems to obey the rules at all times.

If you have forgotten what you should be doing or how long you can stop or park at a drop-off or passenger pickup space, you should first try to read the posted signs in the area.

If you are still not sure how long you can park or stop at a certain place, you can always review the BART Basics Guide at this website. The brochure gives lots of basic information about parking and stopping for passengers.

Next, BART has posted parking regulations on its page. You can find them at this link. Make sure you know the rules about when and how you can park.

BART also provides station guides for each BART station and you can find them at this page. Please review the parking information and lot map for your frequent station, and also obey all posted signs.

If you happen to get a BART parking citation, there is a process for that. Review the information at this website for the details.

Help make everyone's commute a lot easier. Always remember to obey all posted traffic and parking signs inside every BART station and lot. This will help everyone have a better day.

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