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Tips for applying nail art embellishments

Manicure featuring rhinestone embellishments.
Manicure featuring rhinestone embellishments.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The addition of nail art embellishments can add glitz to any ordinary manicure. Embellishments come in various forms including rhinestones, studs, microbeads, flat back pearls and 3-d designs.

One of the biggest cons of nail art embellishments is how easy they can come off if not properly adhered to your nails. It can be really discouraging to apply cute rhinestone designs only for them to fall off shortly after. Here are some tips on how to safely get your nail art embellishments to securely adhere to your natural nails.

  • Use clear nail polish instead of acrylic or nail glue to adhere the embellishments when working on your natural nails, it is a much safer option.
  • Apply embellishments when nail polish is tacky. If you do it while the polish is wet, it won’t set and stick properly.
  • Use an orange wood stick to lightly apply pressure to the embellishment once it is placed where you desire.
  • When the embellishment is adhered, apply a coat of clear nail polish over it and make sure the polish surrounds the embellishment completely. This will help it to stick securely and durably.
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