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Tips for a safe and pet-friendly holiday

Pet Love offers gift certificates.
Pet Love offers gift certificates.
Angel Fitzpatrick

I was checking my e-mail today and was surprised to see a newsletter from Pet Love Mobile Pet Solutions. Perhaps you have seen their purple vans driving across the Metroplex. They offer a variety of services for your four-legged friend and their web site is filled with tips, information, events, and links to helpful sites.

I have used Pet Love in the past and have always been very pleased with their service. They have been in business since 1975 and provide service in many areas including Denton County.

The newsletter I received today provided great tips for keeping your pets safe over the holidays. Some of the recommendations include:


Decorations and TreesKeep lit candles away from pets, as they are curious and can get burned. Tinsel, artificial snow, snow flock, and angel hair can be toxic to pets if eaten, so please consider your pets during your decorating. For more holiday decorating tips, check out this website: 

Holiday Plants

Poinsettias, mistletoe, ivy and holly berries can be poisonous to pets and sometimes even fatal. Keep these out of the reach of your pets. For an all inclusive list of hazardous plants to pets, please visit


Before boarding your pet while you travel for the holidays, remember to ensure that he/she is flea free and current on vaccinations. Some vaccinations have a time delay to be active, so plan ahead. You may want to consider using parasite preventive products. Don't overfeed your pet prior to boarding placement; this may cause an upset stomach. Check out for more information. 


Large gatherings of people over the holidays can frighten your pet. If entertaining is in your plans, make sure you have a safe place for your pet to retreat to. For more holiday pet tips, please

Pet Love really is more than just about generating revenue for their business. They are a group of caring and compassionate groomers who provide the best service for your canine or feline friend. For more information, contact Pet Love at 817-318-8331 or 972-243-8331.