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Tips for a great first date

Walking, even during the winter, can be a great first date!
Walking, even during the winter, can be a great first date!

You’ve trolled the dating sites and found someone you’re interested in or maybe one of your friends fixed you up with someone great. Either way, here are a few tips on choosing the right location for that all-important first face-to-face meeting.

Keep it inexpensive. Sure the guy may want to impress the girl by taking her someplace fancy and spending the big bucks on her, but often times simple is better. You may think that you know what the other person is like, but often times the image someone portrays online is vastly different from who they really are. There’s no sense in blowing a ton of cash on a first meeting.

Be relaxed. Even if it’s inexpensive, make sure that it’s casual. Sure you want to look nice, but does anyone honestly feel relaxed and comfortable in a formal while they’re trying to get to know someone?

Pick someplace you can talk
. For all the hype that the standard dinner and a movie date get, the idea of that first date is to talk and get to know that person. A movie theatre doesn’t make for conversation. On the other end of the spectrum, try to avoid a crowded noisy bar. When you’re yelling at the top of your lungs things can get lost in the translation.

Make it fun for both. By the time you’ve decided to go out for the first time you obviously know a bit about each other. Going to someplace like Spot Coffee or Starbucks is fine, but maybe you want to take a walk in the Rose Garden at Delaware Park or visit the Albright Knox Gallery or the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Whatever it is that floats your collective boat, make sure it’s something you will both enjoy and make sure you have time to get to know each other so you can decide if a second date is in the cards.

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